Roto Services

Roto Services

Video Pipe InspectionMany of our customers mistakenly confuse roto services with “Roto-Rooter”, which is a trademark of a separate company. However, in general use, “roto” or “rotary” services refer to the use of a special pieces of equipment that rotates razor-sharp steel blades to cut through obstacles and obstructions in sewage and other underground pipes. As often the primary source of damage to sewage and other underground pipes is caused by expanding tree roots, our roto service uses advanced equipment to quickly slice through and remove roots and other organic debris from sewage and other underground pipes. Roto services can also be used as a way to rapidly remove particularly obtrusive or recalcitrant obstructions in aboveground pipes and plumbing systems.

The Basics of a Plumbing System

Because gravity plays such an important role in removing wastewater from a home or business plumbing system, to then feed everything into an underground sewage or septic system, some pipes are, by necessity, placed underground. When these invaluable pipes become obstructed or clogged, digging down from the surface to clean and repair them can be extremely expensive. Instead of destroying surface terrain using laborious and expensive techniques, a roto machine can be introduced into the pipes remotely. When the experienced and trained technician discovers the source of the clog or blockage, the razor-sharp blades can be activated to quickly cut through and remove all obstacles.

Preventatice Pipe Maintenance
Cross Section of Clogged Pipe

How We Perform a Roto Job

At Crane Company, we know that the most important part of fixing a plumbing problem is to correctly assess the current condition of the system. After our trained technicians complete a thorough analysis of your plumbing system, they may decide that a rotary tool may be needed in order to remove particularly stubborn or invasive obstacles in your pipes. The technician will then activate the roto machine and quickly slice through and remove tree roots or other debris that was blocking your sewage or plumbing system. Only when your plumbing system has been returned to perfect free-flowing working order can we consider the job done.

Services We Offer

The primary function of our rotary cleaning services is to use an advanced piece of cutting equipment to spin steel blades at high velocities so that tree roots and other organic debris can be quickly chopped through and minced into pieces small enough to safely flow through the system. For aboveground plumbing problems, we at have occasionally noticed that some homeowners and property managers will experience particularly stubborn clogs or hard mineral build-ups. Using our advanced roto machine equipment, trained technicians from will safely and rapidly remove any and all blockages from your plumbing system.

Saving You Money

Anyone who has ever built a home or commercial building knows just how expensive the installation of a modern plumbing system can be, and having to dig through feet of valuable topsoil in order to fix underground sewage problems can be almost or equally costly. Instead of losing money on expensive digging equipment and labor costs, call in a professional team of roto equipment technicians to quickly and efficiently take care of the problem for you. By using extremely high speed rotations of razor-sharp steel blades, roto machines can effortlessly cut through tree roots, organic debris, garbage, animal nests, and other obstructions, saving you thousands of dollars in expensive repair costs.

Customer Testimonials

“After my mom passed, I inherited the old house, and I’ve been living here for years without nary a problem. But last spring, I noticed that it seemed like my toilets and drains weren’t flushing like they should. I called in one fellow, a local contractor, and he wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to dig up my back yard to fix the problem. No sir! I then called Crane and they sent a real professional right over. He took one look at my situation and showed me how tree roots were growing through my pipes, causing everything to get clogged up and backed up. In a jiffy, he whipped out his roto machine and sliced through those tree roots, returning my plumbing back to perfect working order. Thanks, guys!” -Keith J. Foote – Oneida, NY

Important Health Information

Sewage entrances and underground pipes can be very dangerous places to explore or attempt to enter. Besides carrying potentially toxic wastewater away from your home, sewers and underground pipes are also located in possibly unstable environments that could flood or collapse. Only professionals should ever be permitted to enter and repair underground pipes and sewage systems.

When Its Best to Call in the Professionals

Digging up your property to fix underground plumbing problems will require expensive equipment and often special permission from local authorities. Trees are very large and heavy structure and only professionals should ever attempt cutting down trees or removing large root structures. Compacted obstacles and other special clogs may require special disposal or clean-up safety equipment. Always call in a professional plumber when tree roots or other organic debris has blocked or impeded the flow of your plumbing system.


Beautiful backyards and outdoor areas often feature trees, and it is just a fact of life that sometimes tree roots bury deep underground until they damage or enter sewage and other pipes. By using advanced rotary equipment, our team of professionals at Crane Company ( can safely and efficiently cut through and dispose of tree roots and other organic debris that is blocking the free flow of your plumbing system.