Septic Pumping

Septic Pumping

Septic and SewerIndustry experts classify septic systems as an onsite sewage facility or OSSF. We here at Crane Company know that many of our customers in and around Syracuse and Oneida NY depend on these smaller, individual types of sewage disposal and waste treatment. Although most modern septic systems are designed to reliably last for years, they all will eventually need pumping and draining, and may also benefit from cleaning, repair, and other service work. Crane Company employees professional septic tank experts on standby around the clock to help you address all of your septic system needs.

The Basics of a Septic System

Sometimes, municipal or large-scale “grid” sewage systems do not extend out to some properties. Homeowners and property managers looking for an efficient way to handle their sewage needs onsite can use a septic system, which come in two basic types: a drain field or a tank. More common in rural areas, septic drain fields use natural or artificially-introduced landscape elements such as ponds, plant beds and boss to gradually filter sewage waste. Septic tanks are more common in urban and suburban areas, and rely on a large underground tank that develops an anaerobic or “anti-oxygen” environment that helps decompose waste. Nonetheless, over time minerals, clogs, and solid wastes can build up and fill the tank, drastically reducing its efficiency and putting homes at risk of backups, overflows, and leaks. To allow your septic system to continue to work at peak productivity, a thorough pumping and draining by a team of professional septic system experts is occasionally necessary as part of its regular maintenance.

The Basics of Septic Pumping

We use only the latest generation of septic system draining equipment and materials at Crane Company to ensure that your septic tank can be quickly and hygienically pumped out and drained. One or more of our modern fleet of vehicles will arrive at your location, and use a powerful motor and extraction system to rapidly drain your septic tank. Our experienced team of septic system professionals use advanced protective clothing and safety equipment to make sure that your tank is cleanly and efficiently pumped out and drained. Usually in a few hours or less, our team of septic professionals can have your septic system cleaned, drained, and ready to provide you years of additional service.

Services We Offer

For our clients with septic systems, our most common service that we offer is a thorough pumping and draining of the tank in compliance with all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and local standards. We will then transport your septic tank waste to an approved facility where it will be safely and conveniently disposed of. Our trained experts also offer a wide variety of other septic services, including repairs, obstacle or blockage removals, sewage tank installations or removals, and a more intensive cleaning of your septic system. Our friendly and professional team of experts will work with you until they have completely resolved all of your septic system problems and needs.

Saving You Money

Federal studies conducted by the EPA have concluded that properly-maintained septic systems should not need replacement during the homeowner’s lifetime. Federal studies, however, continually emphasize the need for regular maintenance, which includes thorough pumping out and emptying of your septic system on a scheduled basis. At Crane Company, our team of professional septic experts are standing by to help you quickly restore your septic system to full working order, saving you thousands of dollars in potentially expensive future repair costs.

Customer Testimonials

“Me and my whole family live just outside of Oneida, NY and our property has a septic system. Everything was working great for years when my oldest boy noticed that the darn tank was about to overflow. Lickety split, we called Crane and they arrived just a few hours later, hooked up their big machine to the tank, and the whole thing was over and done with in about an hour. Definitely worth the price,” -Adam S. Daugherty – Oneida NY

Important Health Information

Although septic systems are designed to be anaerobic environments, they can occasionally experience ruptures or leaks and become hosts to potentially lethal microbial agents and viruses. When working properly, septic tanks allow remote homeowners and property managers to experience all the benefits of a modern sewage system without being connected to the “grid”. But when septic tanks leak, rupture, malfunction, get blocked up, or become too full of solid waste, it’s time to empty them before dangerous contaminated fluids and other substances can enter the environment and put your health at risk. Federal, state and local laws impose strict penalties on homeowners who allow their septic systems to contaminate groundwater and other fresh water supplies.

When Its Best to Call in the Professionals

Most of the time, your septic system works flawlessly without you ever having to think about it. But when it begins to fill up with solid waste, or has been damaged, rusted, corroded, or otherwise isn’t working like it should, sewage waste can spill out into the environment. Instead of trying to handle these potentially dangerous liquids yourself, it’s always safer and more prudent to call in a team of experienced professionals with the training and equipment to safely handle the job.


Septic tanks are one of the best investments any homeowner or property manager can make, as they offer decades of reliable and hygienic service in treating and disposing of personal waste. But even the best septic systems need occasional maintenance, cleaning, and emptying. By calling in our experienced team of septic professionals at, we will rapidly and securely empty and pump out your septic tank and safely dispose of the waste in a remote facility.