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Q? Why Is My Drain Slow?

Why Is My Drain Slow?There could be a great number of reasons for your drain to be slow.

The most obvious reason would be an obstruction of some kind such as hair, a foreign body, or a build up of items such as hair conditioners and soaps.

Sometimes the problem may not be as obvious, such as problems with the vent pipe.  If the vent pipe is blocked or not installed properly, it can result in slow or backed up drains.

Contact a Crane Company Technician today to trouble shoot your problem and get suggestions for preventing recurrence.

Whatever the issue, you can be sure that we will use all of our resources to find a solution!

Q? What Items Can Not Go In My Dumpster?

Household Trash and Construction materials are accepted in our dumpsters.  However,  there are some items that we cannot take or may require an additional disposal fee.

What Dumpster Items Cant Be Accepted?Items that cannot  be accepted:
  • Green Waste – (T.V.’s, Computers, VCR’s, DVD Players, microwaves, cell phones etc.)
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Combustible Items
  • Paint Cans containing paint in the liquid form
  • Liquids
  • Septic or Portable Toilet Waste
  • Fluorescent Light Tubes
Items that require an additional fee:
  • Tires (must be placed on the top of the load)
  • Appliances (must be placed on the top of the load)

If you are not sure whether or not we will accept an item, please call.

Q? What Can I Flush?

What Can I Flush?It can be tempting to flush a variety of items down your toilet to dispose of them, but there are many things that you should avoid flushing.

Flushing any items other than waste, waste water, and toilet paper could lead to a service call.  Though toilet paper is designed to be flushed you should always monitor the amounts that you are flushing at one time.  This material can become easily stuck in your pipes causing your toilet to overflow not to mention a Big mess!

If you do run into a problem don’t worry, we can help!

Here are a list of things that you should Avoid flushing:

  •         Kitchen Grease
  •         Kitty Litter
  •         Toys
  •         Tampons or sanitary napkins
  •         Condoms
  •         Food
  •         Chemicals
  •         Prescription Medication
  •         Cigarette Butts
  •         Etc.