Residential Septic Pumping Services

Nearly one-fourth of all Americans still depend on septic tanks to manage wastewater from their kitchen sinks, showers, bathtubs, washers and toilets. In order to keep these systems working efficiently and safely, they should be pumped out every two to three years and inspected regularly.

The Crane Company in Syracuse, NY provides professional residential septic pumping services at an affordable price. Crane Company’s trained technicians will inspect septic systems and drainage fields as well as the mechanical and electrical components of a home owner’s system. They will check for leaks as well as search for signs of any back-up problems.

Septic PumpingWastewater from a home is sent to a septic tank where it separates into three distinct layers. The solids and sludge sink to the bottom where bacterial activity will slowly break it down. Oils and grease form a scum layer that floats on top. The majority of the septic tank is filled with water and liquids.

When Crane Company pumps out a residential septic tank, its technicians will remove the sludge and scum layers to keep those layers from building up and causing problems with the system. Licensed, bonded and insured, Crane Company’s professionals will haul away the waste and dispose of it properly, following local regulations and environmental standards.

The Crane Company is dedicated to providing high quality residential septic pumping services cost effectively and efficiently to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction for all of Syracuse New York. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the  Crane Company today.