Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Employment OpportunitiesWe here at Crane Company know how it is when one moment your drains are all working perfectly fine, and then the next moment they’re clogged or blocked up and starting to overflow. Our team of plumbing professionals at https://www.nysepticdrain.com have years of experiencing serving the people and businesses of Syracuse and Oneida NY, and assisting them with all of their drain cleaning, unblocking, and other repair needs.

The Basics of How Drains Work

Many people think of their plumbing system in terms of the various ways that water flows into the system, conveniently delivering hot or cold water for sinks, showers, bathtubs, washing machines, faucets, and a host of other needs. But plumbing professionals know that drains, which use gravity to assist used water to flow out and away from homes and into the sewage or septic system, play an equally important role in the healthy function of your plumbing system. Drains, which often are covered by a grate, screen, or grill, in order to filter out larger objects, use the fundamental power of gravity to pull waste water away from sinks, showers, washing machines, and other sources, and transport it nearly effortlessly down and away from the home or property and safely introduce it into the sewage or septic system for treatment and disposal.

The Basics of How to Clean Drains

At Crane Company, we know that household and other drains can occasionally get clogged up, blocked with objects, become encrusted with minerals, or otherwise need cleaning so that they can be restored to perfect working orders. Our experienced team of plumbing professionals will first assess your drains for the cause and nature of the blockage or obstacles, and then select from a wide variety of techniques to quickly clean your drains to free-flowing status. We use special tools and advanced equipment to melt, dissolve, dislodge, withdraw, or otherwise eliminate any and all obstacles that are impeding the function of your drains.

Services We Offer

Although our primary service to the customers of Syracuse and Oneida NY is in cleaning drains and removing obstacles and other obstructions from drains, we offer a wide variety of other services including: drain repair, installation, removal, parts replacement, and other necessary maintenance to ensure that your drains are flowing freely and smoothly. Our expert plumbing professionals at https://www.nysepticdrain.com are able to track your system from drain to where it enters the sewage system, ensuring that each and every obstacle has been removed from your drains and drainage pipes.

Saving You Money

Clogged drains can begin as a small nuisance and then lead to costly and expensive repairs when overflows, backups, leaks, and other problems can inflict pricey damage to the interior of your home or property. By hiring a professional team of plumbing experts to clean and maintain your drains, you can be rest assured that your plumbing system will continue to flow smoothly and hygienically for years.

Customer Testimonials

“Last week I went to flush my toilet and my goodness, the whole thing just started backing up. Dirty water was flooding everywhere and I was panicking. Luckily, I remembered ‘Clogged Drain, Call Crane!’ and that they have 24-hour plumbing service so I called them. Within no time, Jeff and Bill showed up and quickly took care of the problem. Turns out my granddaughter and her friends had been flushing things they shouldn’t have in the toilet. Problem solved now though, thank goodness!” – Sebrina D. Meiners – Syracuse, NY

Important Health Information

Normally, drains safely and hygienically dispose of dirty and used water from our homes and businesses. But when drains become damaged, broken, blocked, or corroded, they can backup, flood, overflow, and otherwise cause dangerously contaminated water to enter the environment. Untreated sewage can be a hotbed for microscopic agents including bacteria and viruses which could potentially cause severe illnesses or even death. If your drains are experiencing a severe overflow or obstruction, call in a professional team of experts who have the clothing, equipment and training to cleanly dispose of sewage waste and clean your drains to safe working order.

When Its Best to Call in the Professionals

If one of your household drains is becoming slow to remove water, or is fully blocked, you can try do some preliminary exploring of the problem to see if you can handle the situation yourself. Many times, small objects like rings or feminine personal items get introduced into drains and then clog up pipes, causing back-ups and overflows. If any of your major household plumbing pipes or draining systems become irreversibly blocked, it’s time to call in a team of professionals who can hygienically and efficiently resolve the problem.


Homeowners and property managers know that a free-flowing plumbing system adds incalculable value to the enjoyment of the home. But when drains get clogged or blocked up, serious damage can occur. Instead of wading through potentially dangerous untreated sewage wastewater, visit us at https://www.nysepticdrain.com. We’ll send out a team of plumbing professionals to quickly and efficiently resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction.