Septic and Sewer Services

Septic and Sewer Services

Crane TankerCrane Company is proud to offer 24-hour plumbing, cleaning and draining services for all of our customers in and around Syracuse and Oneida NY. If your your sewage, septic, or plumbing system is backed up, clogged, in need of draining, or you require any other professional help with your plumbing system, do not hesitate to contact us at once.

The History of Sewage Systems

Although it is astounding for modern visitors to believe today, even such fancy buildings as the luxurious palace of Versailles were built without a working plumbing system, leading to enough odor discomfort that the Queen was forced to install her own toilet at great expense. Common people had to fare with much less, often using the dreaded “night jars” or bed pans to relieve themselves, emptying these unsavory containers by casually opening a window and tossing the contents onto the street below. As metropolises like London began to grow, enterprising urban residents began digging large pits or cisterns beneath the basement level of their homes. Once the pits were filled, hordes of illiterate workers known as “dung men” were tasked with the unpleasant job of emptying them for the pittance wage of a few small coins. Even the Ancient Romans, famed for their public baths, were only able to construct working sewage systems for large communal toilets. Rich families and poor families alike had to share close quarters when it came time to answering the necessary daily calls of nature.

The Basics of a Modern Sewage System

Nowadays, most people who live in urban, suburban, or even in many rural areas are connected to large-scale sewage systems. Clean, potable water is piped under pressure from a main production facility to the house, business or other structure, where it enters the plumbing system. Waste water then is collect via drains inside the home or business, where it is then disposed of via the sewage system and usually sent to a cleaning and re-processing facility, but can be occasionally just vented into a local water source. The water is treated using both chemical and physical filters in order to remove both harmful contaminants as well as dangerous microscopic organisms. Once it is safe to drink again, it is re-introduced into the sewage system, where it is taken in by homes and businesses as potable water, and the cycle begins anew.

Services We Offer

As wonderful and hygienic as modern sewage systems are, they can occasionally experience problems that require professional help. We here at Crane Company are standing by to offer our customers a wide range of sewage services, including, but not limited to: draining, cleaning, pumping, repair, and blockage removal. Our team of experienced dispatchers are standing by around the clock to answer your call. A truck and team of sewage experts will then be dispatched as quickly as possible to your location in and around Syracuse and Oneida NY to handle any and all of your sewage system needs. For our customers who have a private septic system on their property, we also offer a full range of services including: pumping, cleaning, repairing, and removal of blockages and obstructions.

Saving You Money

Repairing or replacing parts of your sewage system infrastructure can be hugely and prohibitively expensive. And while it is tempting for some homeowners and property managers to try and fix large sewage system problems themselves, usually it’s best to call in a professional team of experts with years of experience in order to make sure that no further damage is done. By efficiently cleaning, pumping, and restoring your septic and sewer service to full functionality, we can save you thousands of dollars in costly future repair costs. And because we use only the latest modern technology to perform all of our sewage and septic system services, we can offer our clients prices far lower than our competitors. Nothing saves our customers more money than knowing that their sewage or septic system is in top working order.

Customer Testimonials

“Everything was fine for years at my pizza restaurant and then one night my guard heard a boom. By the time I got there, water was spraying everywhere from two broken pipes. I quickly called Crane Company and they showed up in less than an hour. Everything was cleaned up and ready to go by the time I opened for business later that day. Crane Company is the best!” -Barry G. Taylor – Syracuse, NY

Important Health Information

Leaks, overflows, backups, floods, and other problems related to sewage or septic systems can potentially put you and the health of your loved ones and pets at risk. Many virulent bacteria and viruses thrive on contaminated sewage or septic water, and occasionally even lethal strains are encountered during sewage and septic system interruptions. When it comes to emptying, pumping, cleaning, removing obstacles and obstructions, or dealing with leaks and breaks, it is critically important that proper safety equipment and clothing be worn. Our professional team of sewage and septic system experts are standing by to handle your plumbing problems, and are ready to tackle the problem using only the highest-quality safety and health gear.

When Its Best to Call in the Professionals

Unless you have years of experience in the field and professional certification and training, it’s usually not a good idea to go messing around with sewage or septic systems. Pipes, tunnels and valves may look simple, but water and other substances are often being transported under high pressure in a complicated network. When sewage or septic systems begin to leak, back up, overflow, or flood into the local environment, there is a high risk of introducing infectious diseases and agents into the area, potentially putting your health on the line. The experienced professionals at Crane Company have all the right equipment and training to handle any sewage or septic system, large or small.


Sewage systems play a vital role in keeping our loved ones safe, as health statistics clearly demonstrate a dramatic fall in the rate of infectious diseases after the introduction of modern plumbing systems in cities around the world. When it comes to leaks, breaks, or simply emptying out a sewage or septic system, don’t risk causing further damage or exposing yourself to potentially fatal infectious agents. Call in the professional team at Crane Company ( and we will quickly and cleanly take care of the problem for you.