Drain Cleaning

We here at Crane Company know how it is when one moment your drains are all working perfectly fine, and then the next moment they're clogged or blocked up and starting to overflow. Our team of plumbing professionals at have years of experiencing serving the people and businesses of Syracuse and Oneida NY, and…
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Septic and Sewer Services

Crane Company is proud to offer 24-hour plumbing, cleaning and draining services for all of our customers in and around Syracuse and Oneida NY. If your your sewage, septic, or plumbing system is backed up, clogged, in need of draining, or you require any other professional help with your plumbing system, do not hesitate to…
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Septic Pumping

Industry experts classify septic systems as an onsite sewage facility or OSSF. We here at Crane Company know that many of our customers in and around Syracuse and Oneida NY depend on these smaller, individual types of sewage disposal and waste treatment. Although most modern septic systems are designed to reliably last for years, they…
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Video Pipe Inspection

Get a rare glimpse inside your drain pipes!  Ever wondered what it looks like beyond your toilet drain?  Watch and See!

Call Today to Schedule your Video Pipe Inspection and stop the guessing game!

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