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Roto Services

Many of our customers mistakenly confuse roto services with "Roto-Rooter", which is a trademark of a separate company. However, in general use, "roto" or "rotary" services refer to the use of a special pieces of equipment that rotates razor-sharp steel blades to cut through obstacles and obstructions in sewage and other underground pipes. As often…
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Residential Roto Service

Unlike plumbers, companies who provide residential roto service specialize in clogged drains, drain cleaning and septic system cleaning, pumping and maintenance. The Crane Company located in Syracuse, NY are experts at inspecting sewer lines as well and can provide mainline and drain cleaning outside the home. Crane Company professionals come equipped to a home with…
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Commercial Roto Service

When a commercial organization runs into a drain, sewer or septic problem, it can quickly turn into an emergency. Crane Company in Syracuse, NY offers emergency roto services for commercial businesses so that the downtime caused by drainage problems is held to an absolute minimum. Plumbing systems in commercial organizations are more complex and heavy-duty…
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